Brussels - At this evening’s award ceremony for the ‘Onderneming van het Jaar®’ 2018, Ontoforce from Ghent was presented with the ‘Award of the Flemish Government for the Scale-up of the Year’ 2018. The other nominees were Lemon Companies, Rombit and UgenTec. Flemish Minister of Work, Economy, Innovation and Sport Philippe Muyters presented the award to Hans Constandt, founder and CEO of Ontoforce. Ontoforce becomes the 13th winner of this award, succeeding PlayPass.

Ontoforce has been called ‘Google on steroids’. The company is rapidly conquering the world with its innovative technology which makes complex data accessible to everyone in an ultra-fast and really simple way. Ontoforce works with well-reputed international research institutes, has won many international awards and is now tapping into new markets as well. Ontoforce achieved a turnover of 1.2 million euros in 2017 with 27 employees.

Ontoforce voted ‘Scale-up of the Year’

At the award ceremony for ‘Onderneming van het Jaar®’ 2018, the ‘Award of the Flemish Government for the Scale-up of the Year’ 2018 was also presented. Last year, this award was still known as the ‘Award of the Flemish Government for the most promising entreprize of the year’. With this award, the Flemish Government aims to reward rapidly growing companies that are developing strongly for their performance and motivate them for the future. Ontoforce was chosen as the winner by the jury, succeeding PlayPass, the 2017 winner.

“Ontoforce is a very strong candidate and a worthy winner of the ‘Award of the Flemish Government for the Scale-up of the Year’. It is an entrepreneur’s idea born out of a personal story with a strong motivation. The jury is convinced that the concept of time squeezing in which Ontoforce specializes is a strong USP. The relevance of Ontoforce’s technology is also proven: having issued a wake-up call to the conservative pharma sector and gained an impressive list of clients (over half of the top companies in the pharma industry are customers of Ontoforce), they are now ready to expand into other sectors. This flexibility is also reflected in the company’s strategic positioning: it has metamorphosed from B2C to B2B. The company’s roots in B2C are apparent in the customer-focused usability of the product. This makes for an appealing, scalable and robust selling proposition and an attractive price point. Finally, Ontoforce has rapidly turned its sights on other continents. The jury believes that Ontoforce has a strong team with a healthy dose of ambition, making it well-placed to achieve its strategic growth objectives”, commented Jurgen Ingels, president of the jury.

“The ‘Award of the Flemish Government for the Scale-up of the Year’ is intended to reward and shine the spotlight on promising Flemish companies. Ontoforce demonstrates how a new company can claim its place in an old market by offering innovative solutions. Ontoforce can inspire others and, provided that it continues to develop, has a chance of winning the ‘Onderneming van het Jaar®’ award one day”, said Stefan Olivier, partner and Markets Leader EY Belgium.

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