Monday, October 19, 2015 — Brussels. Pairi Daiza is the winner of the anniversary edition of 'L’Entreprise de l’Année®' 2015. ‘L’Entreprise de l’Année®' is organised for the 20th time by EY, in collaboration with L'Echo and BNP Paribas Fortis.

Other companies nominated were: EASI, Eloy Group and Mithra Pharmaceuticals, but Pairi Daiza is to be the successor to Belourthe, last year's winner. Pairi Daiza received the award from His Majesty King Philip. The winners from previous years were also present. 


Founded in 1994, Pairi Daiza is a fully private company. Starting from nothing, 20 years of innovation has made it the first Belgian tourist attraction, even known in China, the land of the pandas. Despite its 3-stars in the Michelin Green Guide, Pairi Daiza is only at the beginning of its development. The company houses over 4,000 animals from all around the world such as: birds, mammals, fish, reptiles etc. It also conducts thirty scientific programmes dedicated to the preservation of endangered species by ensuring their reproduction in the heart of the park. With its 280 employees, Pairi Daiza made a turnover of EUR 50 million in 2015. Eric Domb, President and Managing Director of Pairi Daiza, received the trophy tonight from the hands of H.M. King Philip.

A second prize was awarded tonight with the title ‘L’Entreprise Prometteuse de l’Année’ 2015. The winner of this third edition is OncoDNA, The Cancer Theranostic Company. The company was selected as the winner but had formidable opponents with Domobios & Acar'Up, MyMicroInvest and Universem. The Walloon Minister of Economy, Jean-Claude Marcourt presented the prize to the winner OncoDNA, The Cancer Theranostic Company.

OncoDNA, The Cancer Theranostic Company is a European start-up created in 2012, offering a customised approach to cancer treatment through a unique combination of DNA sequencing and molecular pathology. More than 2,000 patients in 50 countries have already benefited from OncoDeep, the decision-support tool dedicated to oncologists. With its OncoShare platform, the company offers improved communication between the patient, the oncologist, the oncologist expert community and OncoDNa.

A globally recognised award

Since 1996, EY has honoured companies in Belgium that stand out for their innovation, internationalisation, entrepreneurial spirit, strategic vision and tenacity. If they can also show good results and a healthy financial situation, they become ideal contenders for acquiring the title of ‘L’Entreprise de l’Année®’.

"We are proud to be celebrating the 20th anniversary of ‘L’Entreprise de l’Année®’. Each year, this award helps to highlight the success of a company. The companies nominated are distinguished in terms of entrepreneurship, strategy, governance, sense of innovation, openness to the world and demonstrate resilience in all circumstances. These companies display growth and spectacular results as well as a healthy financial situation. For this 20th edition we had the great honour to welcome His Majesty the King, who presented the prize. The 2015 vintage of ‘L’Entreprise de l’Année®’ included a series of extremely competent and successful candidates all showing ambition. However, there was one particular company that stood out for the jury: Pairi Daiza. The company has proved itself capable of maintaining its strategy over the last 20 years and developing creative and original concepts. It is a worthy successor to Belourthe, last year's winner", specifies Philippe Pire, Partner at EY.

Paizi Daiza succeeds Belourthe (2014), Tilman (2013), TPF (2012), Hamon (2011), Exki (2010), Proximedia (2009), FIB Belgium (2008), Amtoys/Noukie’s (2007), Concept et Forme (Stûv) (2006), Callataÿ et Wouters (Sopra Banking Software) (2005), Pharmadeal (Ashfield) (2004), Euroscreen (2003), I.R.I.S. Group (2002), Eurogentec (2001), EVS Broadcast Equipment (2000), IBA (1999), Ariane II (Sogeti Belgium) (1998), Moorkens Projects (1997) and DB Associates (Colliers International Belgium) (1996).

"The originality of the concept, combining creativity, authenticity and value creation for both visitors and shareholders, the consistency and constant maintenance of a strong strategy, matched with excellent performances, are the main motivations that led the jury to choose Pairi Daiza as 'L’Entreprise de l’Année®'2015", emphasises the President of the jury, Baron Jean Stephenne.

A reward for a young company with strong growth potential

The award of ‘L’Entreprise Prometteuse de l’Année’ was held for the third time for Brussels' and Walloon companies. The purpose of this award is to support a young company with high potential and in full development phase. As in previous years, four equal strength finalists competed to become 'L’Entreprise Prometteuse de l’Année' 2015: Domobios & Acar’Up, MyMicroInvest, OncoDna, The Cancer Theranostic Company and Universem. The company that was elected by the jury and which becomes the new winner 2015 is OncoDNA, The Cancer Theranostic Company. The winner succeeds CEFALY Technology, 'L’Entreprise Prometteuse de l’Année' 2014.

Pierre Rion, Chairman of the jury, states: "Out of the four promising candidates, the jury finally chose the company OncoDNA. The jury was particularly attracted by a very impressive growth at global level. The winner's business model is innovative and crystal clear: it is based on remarkable innovation in the area of the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of cancer, highly advanced monitoring, and the power of a 'Big Data' network already under construction. The management team is well on its way to becoming a future winner of 'L’Entreprise de l’Année®'." 

'L'Entreprise Prometteuse de l'Année' 2015<br/>OncoDNA, The Cancer Theranostic Company - Jean-Claude Marcourt (Walloon Minister of Economy) and Jean-Pol Detiffe (CEO)<br/>® Frédéric Blaise
'L'Entreprise de l'Année®' 2015<br/>Pairi Daiza - Group picture with His Majesty the King<br/>® Frédéric Blaise
'L'Entreprise de l'Année®' 2015<br/>Pairi Daiza. His Majesty the King and Eric Domb (President - Managing Director)<br/>® Frédéric Blaise
Christophe Ballegeer Spokesperson at EY
Joy Delagrange Account Executive at Citigate